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Doing what you love is great. And if you’d love to follow the route to bodybuilding, that’s cool. It keeps you young and masculine forever. It makes you the adoration of the community. That’s the reason why bodybuilding is still a popular sport today.

Contests have been held, and contestants have won awards. These professional bodybuilders are an inspiration to those who would love to build muscles like them. In fact, if this sport was only a fad, it would have ended in the 1990s, when people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Rich Piana and many more were very popular. Surprisingly, the sport is still going on in the millennium.

lazar angelov

Take it back to the 90s, you remember a guy called Ric Arango. He was the obsession of Calvin Klein brand because of his enormous muscles. Today, he still looks as great.

Ronnie Coleman, another fierce competitor to Ric emerged the winner of Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row. Some people believed Ric has better muscles than Ronnie Coleman. They backed their judgement based on speculations that he was using steroids, and so his muscles were too big and droopy.

But regardless of whether he used steroids or not, he managed to scoop the award of Mr. Olympia 8 times. So this argument is not as important where his physique was concerned.

You do it for yourself and not for the approval of cute women

Some people think that bodybuilders have the strong will to do what they’re doing because they want to consistently seek the approval of women.

Whereas it’s true that most women find big muscles attractive, specifically if you look like this young bodybuilder or even Rich The Mutant, the truth is that guys who lift weights and feed on good nutrition don’t care what women think (It’s just a feeling you’ll get used to with time).

Instead, bodybuilders do it because they’ve chosen that path. Making decisions on their own is what makes them so attractive.

Think men with bleached hair, ultra-dark tan, then reflect back to the 80s

Perhaps one can’t avoid the feeling of being in a time wrap whenever they peruse through popular magazines or bodybuilding sites like www.leadingmuscles.com. In fact, the funniest of the photos you’ll find in some magazines are those portraying ”sexy” fitness models. If you’re careful enough, you might even notice that some of them used to be backup dancers some time back.

So these women go to an extent of making weird posses and expressions to make you think bodybuilding is some sort of glamor.

health and diet

Well, it’s just a sport as opposed to glamor or a lifestyle. That’s the reason people who get into it with a mentality of ”lifestyle” give up so soon. Their muscles waste away after hard work of trying to build them, using countless pre workout and post workout supplements every time they train.

The Reason why bodybuilding is popular and will always be popular many years to come

Professional bodybuilders work their bodies out to live, and not the opposite, i.e. living to workout. This is just like any other workout at the gym.

There are many reasons why professionals bodybuilders still continue to do what they are good at. Others are also joining the sport because they recon the benefits of looking masculine.

First, every professional bodybuilder knows that their profession will make them look good at all time. These guys want to look good, not just for a couple of weeks when there’s a contest, but throughout the entire season.

Another reason why guys continue to make it popular is because big muscles just feel good to have. They love the feeling of being slow and lethargic. A little bit of fat is also good since fat gives you some energy when lifting weights in the gym. On the downside, too much of fat makes you feel like a slob.

Bodybuilding is good for business purposes. The reason being, once you have what it takes to pose before the world, you can be called at anytime to do a guest posing appearance. The better you pose, the more the likelihood that you’ll be called to do another guest-posing, and this is good for your pockets. Many guys want to go this direction, it’s just that they don’t have a strong will to do so.

Furthermore, bodybuilding makes it convenient to prepare for contents. It’s much easier to get rid of 15 pounds instead of dropping 50 pounds when you have a contest awaiting you.

So there are quite a number of things about this sport that have contributed to its popularity.

Bodybuilding does not restrict you by your age?

Bodybuilders know that this is a sport as opposed to a fitness endeavor. You see, there are many workouts designed for people who want to stay fit and not build muscles. But on the other hand, bodybuilding gets you all the benefits, though in one package.

People who have been training for a significant period of time recon that this is the only sport you can participate in regardless of your age. Even at 30s, 40s, and 50s, people still build muscles. The only difference is that at 50, your muscles tends to recover slowly compared to when you’re in your early 20s. But still, there is always a way to go round by supplementing your diet and training well to achieve the desired body physique. So in other words, bodybuilding is the only sport that doesn’t restrict you by your age, and this makes it so popular.

Make a change

Have you been referred to as ”Weak” or ”Skinny” guy? These words inject your body with poor self-esteem issues. In fact, if you listen to the story of some professional bodybuilders, they will tell you how they started their road down to this career just because they couldn’t handle those words being directed to them.

When they started building muscles, it changed their lives because everyone begun loving and wanting to be around them. They looked intimidating, and this earned them the self-confidence they had lost.


Arnold Schwarzenegger started it because his role in the movies demanded just that. He needed to play the role of a big, masculine man who always won battles. Sylvester Stallone was also inspired by the same thing that got Arnold looking the way he looked. So just like soccer or any other sport, bodybuilding will always be popular.

Doing what you love is great. And if you’d love to follow the route to bodybuilding, that’s cool. It keeps you young and masculine forever.

Our mission is make people happy about their body.

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