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Blythe Global Advisors

Blythe Global Advisors is a full-spectrum accounting advisory firm with a difference.

Today, there's often a gap between financial reporting requirements and a company's ability to comply efficiently, accurately and on time. Blythe Global Advisors fills that gap. We have a proven track record of helping companies of all sizes meet their reporting requirements by designing and executing world-class financial processes at every phase of a company's lifecycle. We offer customized, affordable solutions including end-to-end accounting advice, assessment and process improvements; GAAP and SEC compliance; mergers and acquisitions; IPO services; private equity services; venture capital services; internal audit outsourcing; advice and training for small and mid-sized accounting firms; and litigation support.

Our differentiating factor is our combination of expertise and execution.

Our expertise is embedded in BlytheTeam, a group of former Big Four partners/executives and corporate finance and accounting senior executives/professionals who bring unbiased perspective, expert advice, seasoned leadership, real-world experience, industry understanding, turnkey execution and knowledge transfer to every engagement. We enable clients to prepare successfully for audits, upgrade their finance and accounting infrastructures, make investment decisions with confidence, and convey their companies' true value.

When it comes to execution, we approach every engagement with a strategic mindset that anticipates and supports growth and new activities. We apply best practices in an enterprise-wide, forward-looking manner for the best return on clients' investments. We have access to leading-edge IT resources that make it possible for clients to optimize their people, processes and systems and exploit opportunities. We employ a world-class service delivery process that is collaborative, geared to long-term, value-add relationships and covers the entire engagement cycle

Why choose Blythe Global?

* BlytheTeam:
Our clients always get A-level players consisting of former Big Four partners/ executives and corporate finance and accounting senior executives and professionals who bring an unbiased perspective and real-world experience to every engagement.

*Turn-key execution:
Seasoned leadership that’s evident at every phase of an engagement. Every team member is hands-on and there when needed – ensuring projects stay on track and that clients are in the loop but relieved of day-to-day interactions.

*Expert advice to fill the gap between complex reporting requirements and clients’ ability to prepare successfully for audits and make investment decisions with confidence.

♣ U.S. GAAP accounting principles
♣ SEC regulations (IPOs, M&As, etc.)
♣ Sarbanes-Oxley requirements/internal audit
♣ PCAOB directives
♣ IFRS standards

* Industry expertise combined with a full suite of solutions that allows clients
to convey their companies’ true value to internal and external audiences.

*Service, solutions and pricing flexibility:
Full customization – No generic, off-the-shelf solutions or pre-determined approach to solving problems. Pricing is negotiable.

*Efficiency and cost savings:
Access to leading-edge IT resources beyond the normal portfolio of accounting consulting companies that makes it possible for clients to optimize their people, processes and systems.

*Clarity and perspective:
Leadership in leveraging best practices and communicating the implications of evolving directives and legislation.

*Measurable results:
A world-class service delivery process that is collaborative, geared to long-term, value-add relationships and covers the entire engagement cycle.

*Knowledge transfer:
Process improvements, information repositories, education, etc. to help companies meet expanding requirements and upgrade staff competency – taken together, a leave-behind that transcends our team’s cumulative years.

We add sustaining value beyond the engagement at hand. We approach every engagement with a strategic, 360-degree mindset. Beyond the project metrics and checklists, we leave a footprint that includes knowledge transfer, implementation of best practices, and infrastructure and process improvements that anticipate and can support future growth and new business activities. This is a return on investment outside the budget and timeline.

Regardless of the scope of a project, one of our guiding principles is to ensure we transfer value that endures long after the engagement is completed – a return on investment outside the budget and timeline. In addition to transferring value generally across Boot Barn’s accounting and finance activities, we plan to approach this engagement with an eye toward your NYSE internal audit deadline and find ways to leverage our expertise toward satisfying that criteria.

Blythe Global Advisors is a full-spectrum accounting advisory firm with a difference

When companies need expert advice to meet their accounting and financial reporting requirements, Blythe Global Advisors can help them comply efficiently, accurately and on time.

In today’s business environment, there’s often a gap between advanced

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Founded: 2009

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